Welcome to OttoFly’s documentation!


OttoFly SDK/API :

  • Simplifies development and control of autonomous drones for a wide variety of applications
  • High level SDK takes care of the details of drone control and allows you to focus on application development

OttoFly’s SDK/API enables even the beginners to develop effective code for controlling autonomous drone flight for both simple and complex applications. The SDK/API allows the users to program in intuitive, high-level commands, taking care of all of the low level communication and command operations with the drone, making integration with a wide variety of drone platforms simple and eliminating the need for extensively learning the details of each platform. For example:

OttoFly’s SDK/API allows simple and direct compatibility with the Intel Aero RTFDrone – no modification of the drone or additional software is required. The OttoFly SDK/API interfaces directly and seamlessly with the Intel Aero Flight Controller, and provides access to all of the features available with the Aero Drone kit.

OttoFly’s SDK/API also allows simple and direct compatibility with the Nvidia JETSON TX1 and TX2 supercomputer boards for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that provide additional functionalities and processing power to your autonomous drone applications. The JETSON TX1 and TX2 boards provide processing for deep learning and computer vision (image processing, for example) and do not by themselves provide signals for controlling drone flight. For drone applications, the JETSON TX1 and TX2 boards must be paired with a flight controller board such as the Pixhawk to provide control signals to the drone motors and control flight operations.